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Stories of the Past

With his background of growing up in Jacksonville where he loved the beach, he also was exposed to the wonders of South Georgia where he heard his Fussell uncles and his Mizell cousins tell the stories of his heritage.  David can trace his family roots back to 17th century England to the landing of his family in North Carolina and their move into South Georgia and into central Florida.  The maternal side of his family were the Wilsons who settled in south and central Florida in the 18th century.   It is the stories of his own life, Why Little Boys Cry and It WAS the Night Before Christmas, the stories of his grandparents, father and uncles, The Old Wooden Rocker, Flags in the Window, and The Christmas Quarter, plus  his further research into Florida's history that make his original stories come alive in The Cousins Tourist Florida, Andalusia, and Cow Catchers.

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