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William Pope DuVal

William P. DuVal was the first territorial governor of Florida, succeeding Andrew Jackson, the military governor.  He and his wife left an indelible, if uncelebrated, mark on Florida.

“Few men have led such a varied life.  His public services and the integrity and ability with which he acquitted himself are widely known. His friends delighted in his simple goodness, genial humor, devoted and unwavering friendship, and his generous qualities and [the] manly independence of his spirit. William P DuVal aided more in the development of Florida than any other man.”  said the Washington National Intelligence in his obituary.

With his partner, Kathy Kniery, they bring the DuVals to life using the stories of their life together, his list of accomplishments as Governor and pioneer in the early years of the Florida territory, and the settlement of the United States.

It makes Florida history come alive and incites you to learn more about this amazing man.  ~~ Kathy Duffy, Storyteller


David Fussell and Kathy Kniery have created an impressive storytelling presentation based on the lives of territorial Governor Duval and his wife Nancy Hynes DuVal. Through impressive research and well crafted stories, they have developed an historical chautauqua from Florida history. ~~ Mary Lee Sweet, Back In Tyme

Very well researched. Top notch historical character interpretation. ~~ Chris Kastle , Musician and



David and Kathy are incredible storytellers. . .  the research they do brings such credibility to their presentations. ~~ David Pitts, Retired Advertising Executive

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